this is a font i made called ultlf (standing for ultlang font, because i do not have any creativity). features:

sitelen pona support in the private use area at a random nonstandard location ()
kling on ()
latin extended-a and -b (ĥřăžŀƅƍƕƽǂǿ)
ipa stuff i guess (ɬɑʔʎɩɢʱɯʂʷɞ)
the greek and coptic block (ελληνικάϡϙϧϫ)
the entire cyrillic block (деђњҳҙҹѫ)
hebrew i gues s (כאטצמיקן)
sinhala letter kantaja naasikyaya and exactly 0 other sinhala letters (ඞ)
bee (🐝)
oldstyle numerals ()
fullwidth letters (fullwidthuous) several other things

you can down load ultlf at its github page.