welcome to the ultlang webpage: the place of webpage and ultlang!

hi ! i'm emma, also known as ult or ultlang. i am a (bad) programmer and an (even worse) conlanger.

here you can find some of my projects, probably. i tend to abandon a lot of them relatively quickly so there probably isn't going to be that much stuff on this website, sorry.

you can contact me on discord as @ultlang or on my twitter as @ultlang42.

some things i have made:

my "bandcamp" page (bad music)

"sus-sweeper", a js minesweeper clone (warning: plays sound)

index of pages about peejosa (the ccj conpidgin)

ithkuil ıv formative making helper (ithkapp but outdated ⁊ worse)

text post central / μweblog

ultlf, my pixel font c:

emssu, a javascript synthesizer

randomly generated gibberish:

ðð]]]ɣ. ;;;;;§ ඞj 51555½, わ .